Imagen de veneno de serpiente para ser sintetizado

Alginates Mask

This product has been designed and developed to apply the dense liquid directly on the skin and, after the appropriate time, to be withdrawn directly as a mask with a very thin piece, like a second skin.

Its composition makes it suitable for most skin types.

This product by itself, will have a cooling effect and slight peeling of dead cells, impurities, etc.


The product Base filmogena SP, easily allows the incorporation of different active ingredients, excipients, colorants, perfumes, etc. to provide it with any purpose as the treatment to be performed.

By its nature, it tends to accept most of the ingredients you want to add (cold manufacturing and through normal agitation), you can also incorporate the aromas and perfumes easily and even some oils in low percentages.


This product can be used directly, in case you wish to add other active ingredients or other components, their gelling properties not normally be affected. This product also allows delay or advance that gelation or decrease viscosity by adding solvents such as water and / or alcohol denat.

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