Gel de Aloe Vera

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Aloe is a common plant in very hot desert areas. Its medicinal use in Europe dates back to Greek times, although there are already numerous documents in Sanskrit, Arabic, Hebrew, etc. so it can be deduced that its use for its medicinal properties was well known since antiquity.

It’s also used for alimentary purposes such as drinks, syrups, etc. It is more and more widespread and there are also many clinical studies that show its contribution and activity.

We understand by Aloe, the juice obtained from the leaves of the plant that is where the majority of the components and main active ingredients that grant the beneficial effects known all over the world are found.

The denomination of the Aloe in any language or country is identical (only small grammatical variations) what is indicating to us, the degree of importance of this product and its roots in the botanical medicine.  We could say that there is no plant used for its benefits, more popularly known by people than Aloe Vera.


The main components of Aloe Juice and that will give us numerous benefits, are: Aloin, Barbaloin, water, polyphenols, minerals, etc.

This plant is perhaps the one with the most clinical studies (the effect of Aloe Vera Clinical Sttudies) and at all levels.


Its use in products that are applied externally, will even provide us with a great help to combat herpes, radiological skin lesions and skin infections. We also find benefits at the level of dental care and gums. On the other hand, there are the already well known benefits of dermal regeneration either by irritations, mosquito bites, wounds and endless other uses.


Both the Greek civilization, as Hebrew and Arabic, contain in their natural medicine treatises the Aloe, with great importance in its use both topical and ingested. They describe numerous benefits either alone or mixed with other plants, serving for dermal treatments, burns, injuries, scars, sores, dryness, etc.. Internally, it is described as a cure for sleep disorders, digestive problems, etc.. It is even described that its mixture with myrrh produces a detention of time on the body in which it is applied.

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