Imagen de camomila natural

Chamomile Extract

This extract is obtained from the Chamomilla (Chamomilla Recutita) of ecological origin, with an own method developed in laboratory to obtain the main active ingredients and with the purpose of being hydrosoluble.

HS = Water soluble.

B = Bio origin (ecological).


Listed in various books and treaties on phytotherapy, it is attributed this main components: cyclic sesquiterpenes (alpha bisabolone, etc.), glucosides (quercetol, apigenol, etc.),lavonoids, amino acids, choline, etc.


Very acclaimed and used in infusions because it has excellent calming properties, but it is also known as carminative, anti-inflammatory, calming, antiseptic, antiallergic, softening, healing, and tonic activity because of the content of Azulene, Farnesol, Geraniol and Bisabolol in its inflorescences.  Azulene stimulates the reticulo-endothelial apparatus by releasing histamine from the tissues (Histamine plays an important role in the repair reactions and bacteriostatic defense of the body, as it puts in action the phagocytes).

Another well-known application is the application of products containing chamomile to lighten the colour of blond hair.


Plant belonging to the family of compounds that grows in meadows and calcareous areas of Europe and mainly in temperate climates. Its benefits have been known since ancient times where it is mentioned in various treaties and customs of the Romans as a remedy against swelling and mitigation of pain and irritation.

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