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Green Clay

The Green Clay, is one of the most known clays for its uses and virtues. This clay is a powder of sedimentary rock constituted by aggregates of hydrated aluminum silicates, coming from the decomposition of rocks that contain feldspar, such as granite. It has different colorations according to the impurities it contains.


Due to its composition, it is the primary clay for excellence, due to its colour, mouldability and purity of smell when humidified.

Green Clay is insoluble in water, diluted acids and alkaline hydroxides.


Green clay has numerous properties that make it an excellent remedy for everything. Thanks to its great healing power is a very effective ingredient to heal wounds, and since it absorbs toxins from the skin, thus preventing the proliferation of microbes, its use is highly recommended on very oily skin, with blackheads and acne outbreaks. In addition, it softens the skin, refining its texture, so it has a detox and purifying effect.

Its use at capillary level is also very interesting for deep cleansing long hair. The scalp is often left with residues of the different products used for styling, such as lacquers, waxes or foams that added to the sweat we generate, can trigger some type of hair discomfort. For this reason, a shampoo or a mask enriched with green clay are perfect for ending all those impurities that are not usually paid much attention.

  • Helps remove impurities from the skin and capillary fat.
  • Useful and adequate in the cellular regeneration of the skin.
  • Provides luminosity.
  • Helps to soften the skin and make it smooth.
  • Suitable against excess oil on the skin and acne.
  • Acts as a natural deodorant to be able to absorb excess sweat, thus eliminating unpleasant odors.


The use of this clay or sand as mud, mud or mud to solve a variety of health and beauty problems is known since time immemorial, and Queen Cleopatra of Egypt used clays of different origins for their beauty or skin baths. Clay was also used by Egyptian doctors against inflammations and rheumatism. In Greece Hippocrates used to relieve pain. In ancient times it was also used by Romans and Arabs.

Since time immemorial, green clay has been used to heal small wounds but also for use in body care. And it is that, the main quality of the green clay is that of purifying, reason why it is ideal to treat the most oily skins and with tendency to acne and the most sensitive scalps. Mixing clay with water (liquids or plant extracts) results in the formation of mud. The application of mud or mud with therapeutic properties are also known as Fangotherapy or Geotherapy. The mud is a formidable source of energy and health whose mineral salts are a vital necessity of our organism; its use stops the proliferation of microbes or pathogenic bacteria (parasitic bodies), at the same time that favors the healthy cellular reconstitution.

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