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The problem of the elimination of hair is based on the disappearance of the hairy germinative cell, that is, the deep attack of the hair follicle, this is only possible if a product is used that does not affect the other types of cells since all those used until today perform an abrasive and caustic action without distinguishing which cell they have to destroy, such is the case of depilatory creams and liquids based on thioglycolates, strontium, oxygenated water, etc. (all of them recognizable by the unpleasant smell, itching and redness that they produce if they are not removed quickly with successive washes).

On the other hand, the CONCENTRATED HAIR DELAYER has been studied following the clinical experiences of selective destruction of germinative cells, as described in deep and serious studies of the following scientific journals: LANCET II/1996 p. 678 (G.R. Gibson and F.O. Stephens), CANCNY/1996 vol. 19 p. 1286, JOURNAL AMERICAN ASOCIATION-1996, 198/October, 3-173.

Progressive depilation is based on making an active substance act inside the hair follicle. This substance has a selective action on certain cells, so it is able to inhibit the growth of piliferous germ cells and on the other hand not affect other cells. Therefore the CONCENTRATED HAIR DELAYER is indicated to be incorporated in all those products destined to the elimination of hair.


The CONCENTRATED HAIR RETARDER is a product specially studied and developed for inclusion as a hair retardant active ingredient in most formulations and products that claim this purpose.

It has a great and important inhibiting effect on hair growth both in chemical and mechanical depilation processes and by electrolysis. It is a very effective active ingredient with a double profile: It delays hair growth time, thus lengthening the time between depilations, and it also has a calming effect on the skin after depilation.

The product bases its action on the selective destruction of the germinative cells of the hair follicles. It does not affect the other cells of the dermis as other products do.

It also ensures longer and longer intervals between depilations and progressive weakening of the hair, making it finer and finer and facilitating depilation. The end result, in most cases, will be hair removal for a long period of time.

The best result will be achieved by applying the Concentrated Hair Retarder just after traditional waxing, which is when we will achieve the greatest efficacy and best results as it is when the pore is dilated to the maximum and offers the greatest ease of entry of the active hair remover. However, the Concentrated Hair Retardant can be applied as and when required and whatever the hair removal method chosen, since excellent results will also be obtained.


  • Progressively inhibits hair growth.
  • Lengthens the intervals between depilations.
  • It has a calming effect after depilation.
  • Facilitates depilation as it weakens the hair follicles.

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