Imagen de calcio marino natural

Marine Calcium

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human organism, its importance is maximum given that this mineral is involved in most biological processes carried out by the human body.

In our diet we ingest part of the calcium we assimilate but also due to the same food this calcium is spent to process them, therefore, unless we make a very healthy diet, we will always find a significant deficit of calcium that we must supply.

Calcium intervenes in cellular nutrition, favours the creation of new cells, participates in the synthesis of proteins, intervenes in the replication of DNA that will restore and repair the dermis.  According to the latest studies have concluded that low calcium levels increase the aging of dermal cells, so the supply of organic type calcium will be tremendously useful and necessary to maintain a healthy skin and skin and young.


Organic type Calcium is assimilated in a much higher proportion than any inorganic type. Marine Calcium is obtained from fossilized algae and algae that live in the oceans that live in areas of truly inhospitable conditions.


The Marine Calcium is an ideal component for products that want to regenerate and favor the growth of new cells that will contribute to the dermis a new healthy and luminous tone and at the same time it will favor the synthesis of the proteins with which we will obtain that an aged skin recovers smoothness, elasticity and firmness.

Another advantage of Marine Calcium is that the more calcium it assimilates, the more oxygen it produces, thus completing a double benefit, the first is an extra contribution of oxygenation for the dermis and the second is the help in the elimination of acids from the tissues that damage the nutrients of the cells.

– The contribution of marine calcium will provide excellent oligoregenerating properties as it acts as an enzymatic catalyst, cytoenergizer and cyto-stabilizer.

– It is a totally marine product. So we will not find the problems and drawbacks of the use of animal or inorganic type.

– We will get a topical action regenerating, nourishing and moisturizing much higher.

– Normally, calcium is associated with elderly people, due to a deficit in the bones and flaccid skin. With the inclusion of the Marine Calcium in the formulations of creams, emulsions, etc. we will obtain that the skin recovers its firmness, this well nourished one and of a more youthful and smooth aspect. But also, its inclusion in products for young skins will provide a delay in premature cellular aging.

– To sum up, both skin and complexion will be much more nourished, luminous, firm, dense and toned.


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