Imagen de proteína de leche

Milk Protein

This product acts as a natural moisturizing agent (NMF). It is a complex with proven optimized rehydration effect on the outer layers of human skin. For its sugar content and vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, proteins, etc. make it clearly higher to those derived from collagen-elastin, reticulin, chrysalis, etc.


A good skin is characterized by the possession of a certain amount of water in cells that form the epidermal layer. This layer gives the qualities of elasticity and skin smoothness, completely decisive for good external appearance.

So that the moisture level remains constant, must continually be a balance between the external factors and internal layers of the skin. This product contains a number of substances that regulate this balance and make the so-called NMF or Natural Moisturizing factor.

The attacks of the environment, the type of work we do, changes in diet, metabolic alterations due to disease, etc. cause the deregulation of the mechanism of hydration and its natural defenses, it means, the destruction of epicutaneous emulsion, disfavoring the equilibrium and inducing a premature aging of the skin and making it more susceptible to the action of pathogens.

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