Imagen de mimosa natural

Mimosa Extract

This extract is obtained from the bark of Mimosa Tenuiflora, using a method specially developed in the laboratory to obtain the main active ingredients. This extract is available in HG, HS bio and OL versions. The plant of the HS bio variety comes from organic cultivation.

HG = Hydroglycolic.

HS = Water soluble.

OL = Oily.


It is also known as “skin plant” for its great beneficial effects for it, its use is documented since ancient times in botanical medicine in the area where it originates, Central America, and extends to Argentina.


It is popularly attributed a powerful healing effect on burns and dermal irritations, in addition is highly recommended for products intended for acne, dermatosis, stretch marks, scalp, dandruff, etc.. so it makes presage that, in general and in particular, make it excellent for skin care, hair and mouth. So it really shows off its nickname.

We can find numerous bibliographies of the plant in its medicinal uses and even governmental recommendations like the one of Mexico, reason why it is understood that the benefits that are granted to him are proved exhaustively.


Mimosa extract is specially indicated for its components:

Dermal dressings and regenerators.

Soaps, especially those indicated for dermatosis.

Products for eczemas.

Mouthwashes and other products for the gums.

Dental pastes.

Hair products and shampoos.

After-shave lotions and products.

Creams for feet and hands.

Cleansing emulsions.

Massage cream.

Acne products.

Regenerating and expression creams.


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