Imagen de extracto de arcilla rosa natural

Pink Clay

Clays come from the erosion caused by water and wind on soft rocks. When it comes into contact with these elements, it erodes them until a plastic texture is achieved. The Clays admit a great absorption and become malleable with their mixture with water.

The Pink Clay is formed by a mixture of white clay, red and impurities that mark the differences of color, normally impurities of iron that give this characteristic color and its benefits.


Due to its composition, it is the primary clay for excellence, due to its colour, mouldability and purity of smell when humidified.

Pink Clay is insoluble in water, diluted acids and alkaline hydroxides.


Pink Clay is indicated for skin treatments, especially for very sensitive skins, due to its mineral composition. On the other hand, Pink Clay has excellent medicinal or healing properties, among which we can mention:

– Antibacterial, anti-infectious or disinfectant:

– Healing and regenerating:

– Depurative, decongestant and detoxifier:

Because of its power of absorption and / or adsorption of toxic substances, purifies the body and dermis (depurative). For its power of absorption neutralizes and fixes impurities (toxins) contained in the skin and that are captured and drained (evacuated), and for its power of adsorption through drainage and elimination of suspended impurities such as sweat, bad odors, etc.


The use of clay or sand as mud, mud or mud to solve a variety of health and beauty problems is known since time immemorial, since the times of the Pharaohs of Egypt were widely used by the ruling class and doctors.

But really its origin and its first documented uses come from the Far East, where in Japan, is the most used in skin treatments for its properties for very sensitive dermis.

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