Imagen de extracto natural del Rooibos

Rooibos Extract

This extract is obtained from the leaves of the plant, using a method specially developed in the laboratory to obtain the main active ingredients. This extract is available in HG and OL versions.


From the fabaceae family, this plant can reach up to 30 metres in height and has been known as the plant since the 18th century.  Its origin is in South Africa. Its worldwide use is quite recent and is popularly known as African red tea, but has no relationship with the family of teas. Recently abundant studies and documentation of its medicinal use have been developed, finding numerous benefits both dermal and internal.


It is worth mentioning its zero caffeine and sugar content, which gives it a very important difference with the various teas to which it is compared. Also it is very important to emphasize the effects that confer him the studies carried out up to the present time and that are: Great antioxidant effect by its content in flavonoids, vitamin C. Mineralizing effect by minerals (Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc), anti-free radicals because it contains superoxide dismutase, etc.. and even recommends an antihistamine effect on a topical level, which will help at the level of allergies and dermal aggressions.

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