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Salix Alba Extract

Salix Alba is a tree that can reach 20-25m in height, with round branches and greyish brown cracked bark. Its natural habitat extends throughout the northern hemisphere, grows in humid areas either in valleys or mountainous areas.

Its use in the herbal-medicinal field is well known at a popular level. It has an extensive bibliography on its uses and benefits since time of the Greeks.


The part used to obtain the extract are the young branches, much appreciated for their richness and the active principles that give them such a great benefit.

The main components are phenolic glycosides, which are the active ingredients of greatest interest. Among them it is necessary to emphasize the salicina (ác. Salicílico), as well as the fragilina, vimalina, etc., These active ones carry out the function of being excellent remedies against the rheumatic pain, blows, etc. They have a capacity to calm the pains coming from inflammatory processes. On the other hand, it also has a certain sedative activity against contractures and spasms.

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