Imagen de extracto natural del salvia

Salvia Divinorum

This extract is obtained from the plant Salvia Officinalis (Sage) which grows in dry and arid places in the Mediterranean area of Europe. An own method, developed in the laboratory, is used to obtain the main active ingredients so that they can easily be incorporated into the final product.


Salvia HS Extract is water-soluble and is directly incorporated into water-based products such as soaps, gels, tonics, etc. It can also be incorporated in O/W – W/O formulations once the emulsion has been obtained and at temperatures below 50ºC so that its main active ingredients are not broken down.


It was already used in the time of the Greeks where their uses and virtues are very clearly described. Nowadays we find numerous bibliography and studies that corroborate its phytotherapeutic benefits. We can find flavonoids where the glycosides Luteolin and apigenin stand out, other components are the sterols of vegetable origin of estrogenic type as the b-sitosterina. We also find ursolic acid, tannins, etc. and the component/s that are responsible for the antiseptic effect have not yet been identified.

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