Imagen de extracto vegetal de Ajedrea

Satureja Montana Extract

This extract is made from the leaves of the Ajedrea (Satureja Montana). In order to obtain it, a method specifically developed in the laboratory by the research and development department is used to obtain the main active ingredients.

This extract is available in four different types of solvents for easy inclusion in the formulation, type and purpose of the product.


The main components of Savory are:

Essential oils such as carvacrol, p-cimol, terpinenos, linalool, thymol, etc.
Phenolic acids such as syringic, vanillic, paracumaric, ferrulic, caffeic and rosmarinic acid.

Due to its composition in essential oils, we find that this plant advocates a gram + and gram- antimicrobial action and some antifungal ability.

The water-soluble components provide a healing action for wounds and scars, soothing and carminative properties.

Savory has a certain sedative effect so it will combine very well with other plants with the same effect as valerian or lemon balm.


Due to its composition mentioned above, this extract provides excellent properties for hair creams and shampoos. Its inclusion in dental products is also very important because it improves the gums and diminishes the sensation of pain in cavities and other oral problems.

Its inclusion in soothing products is essential to obtain extraordinary results in products that have been aggressive with the dermis (peeling, depilatories, etc.).

To sum up, it is attributed with calming, healing, carminative, aromatic, sedative, etc. properties.


Satureja montana extract is native to southern Europe, the Mediterranean basin and even the Black Sea.

Its name Satureja has already been identified before the Romans as it is a plant that has been cultivated since ancient times for culinary and medicinal purposes primarily. There are numerous bibliographies where, for example, the Greeks already used their juice and decoction as a remedy to eliminate “…the obstacles of sight…”.

It’s a small vivacious plant, of small height, very branched and with numerous small leaves of a grayish green. This plant grows in calcareous and sunny soils and gives off a very pleasant fragrance.

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