Imagen de veneno de serpiente para ser sintetizado

Synthetic Snake Venom

The paralyzing effect of snake venom is widely known as it is one of the ways he uses to catch his prey.

From this concept, it was studied in the laboratory what this poison is composed of and what functions and/or purposes each one has:

Enzymes: L-Aminoacidonuclease, Phosphono and diestearase, Acetylcholinesterase, among others, whose purpose is to favor the diffusion of the toxic effect of the poison by tissue degradation.

Neurotoxins: Polypeptides loaded with amino acids that act by blocking the synapse between muscle and nerve terminals.

Other inorganic compounds: Trace elements very rich in Zinc that favour the action of enzymes.

With all this information, a synthesis compound is developed in the laboratory that is as similar as possible to the fraction of the poison we are interested in and free of any toxicity. Achieving a complex formed by different peptides of tri-tetra-penta and hexa character that act realizing the muscular relaxation that together with an enzymatic complex will regulate and give balance to the renovation and regeneration of the structures of the collagen and elastin.


The use of synthetic snake venom is totally innocuous, highly effective in the regeneration of skin tissue, easily incorporated in almost all cosmetic products.

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