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White Clay

White Clay, also called Chinese clay, is a sedimentary rock powder made up of aggregates of hydrated aluminium silicate, from the decomposition of rocks containing feldspar, such as granite. It has different colors according to the impurities it contains, from orange red to white when pure (white clay). White clay is formed mainly by kaolinite (approximately 40-50% alumina, 50% silica and the rest are impurities and water.


Due to its composition, it is the primary clay par excellence, due to its colour, mouldability and purity of smell when humidified.

White clay is insoluble in water, diluted acids and alkaline hydroxides.


Clays have many medicinal or healing properties, among which we can mention:

– Antibacterial, anti-infectious or disinfectant:

They reduce the possibility of infection or putrefaction. It is a great germicide that destroys bacteria.

– Healing and regenerating:

The White Clay heals the wounds in the skin and wounds in internal organs.

– Depurative, decongestant and detoxifier:

Because of its power of absorption and / or adsorption of toxic substances, purifies the body and dermis (depurative). For its power of absorption neutralizes and fixes impurities (toxins) contained in the skin and that are captured and drained (evacuated), and for its power of adsorption through drainage and elimination of impurities in suspension in organic liquids (sweat, bad odors, etc.). Due to the power of absorption can collect large amounts of heat by attracting toxins accumulated in the skin and areas such as the belly, hips and legs, thus achieving a powerful decongestion of fat nodules. For this power of fat absorption of the skin tissues are used clay masks as a beauty product, leaving the skin or face clean of impurities.

– Soothing:

White clay has been used since ancient times as an anti-inflammatory in edemas and blows, as a poultice.

– Dermal remineralizer:

With the use of white clay, the dermis repairs its multiple content in minerals of all kinds.

– Revitalizing:

White clay regulates the endocrine system and stimulates the skin, acting as a body tonic.


The use of clay or sand as clay, mud or mud to solve a variety of health and beauty problems is known since time immemorial, and Queen Cleopatra of Egypt used clays of different origins for their beauty or skin baths. Clay was also used by Egyptian doctors against inflammations and rheumatism. In Greece Hippocrates used to relieve pain. In ancient times it was also used by Romans and Arabs.

The use of clay as a therapeutic means is used in rural populations and forgotten in large cities; it is used to cure many diseases, in external applications such as plasters or internally by taking a teaspoon of clay orally in a glass of water.

Mixing clay with water (liquids or plant extracts) leads to the formation of mud. The application of mud or mud with therapeutic properties are also known as Fangotherapy or Geotherapy. The mud is a formidable source of energy and health whose mineral salts are a vital necessity of our organism; its use stops the proliferation of microbes or pathogenic bacteria (parasitic bodies), at the same time that favors the healthy cellular reconstitution.

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