The spots on the skin (red, white and dark) are more common than we think, being one of the main causes of the appearance of these imperfections the sun. Indeed, prolonged exposure to rays can cause the skin to generate more melanin than necessary to protect itself, therefore in areas where this happens, spots will be generated may be darker than the tone of our skin.

Not all spots can be removed, but we can improve their appearance with different solutions both aesthetically and medically (as some can go beyond the simple aesthetic problem). The best defense against them is without any doubt prevention. In the first place with the use of photoprotection; and in the second place, neutralizing the damages of the free radicals with topical cosmetics ingredients like vitamin C (always at night, because it cannot be exposed to the sun). Aloe vera also helps to clarify stains, as well as offering a calming and relaxing effect.

Skin spots caused by aging are almost inevitable, as they arise as time goes on.