Skin flaccidity is, along with wrinkles and spots, one of the most relevant signs as time goes on. Around the age of 30, the first symptoms of flaccidity appear in the skin face mainly through: dark circles, bags under the eyes… In simple terms, we are talking about the loss of tension in the skin or muscle due to the degeneration of the collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for providing resistance and elasticity to the skin respectively.

In order to combat this flaccidity in the skin is of vital importance to follow a healthy and balanced diet and forget the miracle diets (with sudden weight loss) eating more fruits, vegetables and drinking more water. At the same time, becoming more active doing sports on a daily basis with specific exercises to tone up the most flaccid areas of the body will help to delay this sign.

Also, as with skin hydration happens, fighting sun exposure, stress, nerves, pollution (of any kind) will be very beneficial for our body.