Large pores:

The pores are the connection of our skin with the outside both to absorb nutrients and to eliminate waste, the natural outlet of the sebaceous glands to the outside, through which the body eliminates toxins and other substances with the help of sweat.

The dilated pore is a problem that worries many women, also men and young people, although it does not usually cause any problem, it is true that gives the skin a poor aesthetic image. When the pore is dilated, our skin does not look fine and tends to get dirty more easily. The problem is that it costs too much to close the pore or reduce its size when it is too large.

The main causes of large pores are many and varied:

  • Excess sebum.
  • Time and weather.
  • Sex.
  • Stress.
  • Tobacco.

In order to avoid these pores, different routines can be performed:
– First of all, the skin must be clean.
– Use products that contain clay as it cleanses deeply and fills the epidermis with minerals that nourish the skin.
– Use products that contain in their main antioxidant ingredients as well known and powerful as vitamin C, E or even glycolic acid.
– To avoid losing firmness there are other allies such as retinol and hyaluronic acid, which further moisturize the skin.