Water, like air, is an essential element for life. In adults, it accounts for about 70% of total weight, of which 20% is concentrated on the skin, and with age this percentage decreases.  The role of water is fundamental, allowing exchange with the outside: water moves from the dermis to the epidermis soaking the different layers as it disperses.

Dehydration can be the result of a serie of factors that happen on a daily basis such as: changes in temperature, pollution, UV light, smoking, alcohol, fatigue, depression… That is why the first basic and fundamental rule for any human being is to drink a minimum of one and a half liters of water daily for the proper functioning of our skin.
It is also known that the skin has memory and the excesses committed in the past are manifested in adulthood in the form of wrinkles, sun spots, flaccidity, alterations of texture, dilated pores and loss of skin luminosity.

The good appearance of the skin is related to the degree of hydration. Thus, we could say that a cream is moisturizing when it tries to restore the water in the skin providing the sufficient amount that the cell needs for its metabolic functions.