We all know that none of the miracle diets found during all this time really works and that the only effective and scientifically proven thing is to maintain healthy lifestyle habits throughout the year, having a mediterranean diet (which enjoys very good health), drinking lot of water, doing constant exercise and so on. However, there are certain ingredients found in creams and other products, which could help (provided you comply with the above) to reduce certain signs on the skin, and these are:

– Maris salt: this is sea salt from the Dead Sea. According to some research, this type of salt may help moisturize the skin and may have calming properties. There does not appear to be any scientific evidence that it has reducing or draining properties.
– Caffeine: According to information from the OCU, caffeine has demonstrated its lipolytic efficacy in vitro and could penetrate the skin, although many more studies are needed to show real evidence.
– Green clay: It’s hard to imagine that anything from mud and earth could have so many health benefits. However, the different types of clay (including the green), have different uses depending on what we want to treat and the results we want to obtain, being one of the main to hydrate through the elimination of toxins, extracting excess fat, and regulating hormones.