Safequim SL

Safequim is a company dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of Ecocert/Cosmos certified natural and synthetic raw materials for the national and international B2B market. At the same time, it also manufactures a wide range of tailor-made materials depending on the customer’s requirements.

The company has been created with the aim of covering a growing need within the cosmetic sector, and that is none other than the great interest in all those products of natural origin (for example the use of Bakuchiol versus Retinol).

The quality and the excellence are two of the essential pillars that help us to contribute in the continuous improvement with our clients. Our processes guarantee strict compliance with products and services, complying with the most demanding quality standards. Members of our team travel periodically to different continents looking for the best material according to the purity standards previously marked. This gives us an extra knowledge of the control of the product, from the origin to the subsequent delivery to the final customer.

On the other hand, our deep knowledge of the product and the market (although we are a new company, the people who compose it have been in the sector for many years) allows us to collaborate closely with our clients to technically advise them in the search for tailor-made solutions that can be of great use to them.

Our commitment is to continue improving, adapting to the continuous changes and requirements of companies in the cosmetic sector, along with market regulations, to achieve the highest level of satisfaction.

Our Values