At Safequim we have the necessary infrastructure to serve customers and suppliers at the highest level of demand. We have a number of relevant factors at our disposal:

  • Our own 500 square metres warehouse in Montornés del Vallés, 30 km north of Barcelona, which allows us to deliver just in time for all types of customers.
  • Specialised external support warehouses
  • Special storage area for flammable products
  • Special rooms for products requiring specific temperature conditions
  • R+D Department

We have extensive knowledge in the storage and delivery of chemical products, including the specific requirements and certifications inherent to the sector. This allows us to operate in full compliance with different quality standards.

Technical support

Our goal is to become the main technical advisor to our customers. Thanks to our sales team we offer technical assistance and innovative solutions tailored to each customer, creating significant added value and a bond that persists over time.

Tailor made products

Our knowledge of the market allows us to develop special raw materials for different technical applications.


The regulatory environment and various specific quality certifications (COSMOS, ECOCERT, ISO) are today one of the key points in the framework of cosmetic product development, and that is why we work every day to comply with the latest certifications and respond to the needs of our customers.