Skin routine care during Spring


Spring is usually an unstable season that brings environmental changes that can affect our skin.

Weeks of extreme heat are followed by weeks with sudden drops in temperature, wind and rain. The skin perceives these variations and must constantly adapt to them. Those who suffer from #psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or acne should be even more careful. Nothing better than to take care of the skin with natural extracts and oils such as rosemary, chamomile, avocado or chia that have a great regenerative power and help fight free radicals.

In any case, skin hydration doesn’t understand about seasons and is therefore a very important gesture that must remain unchanged every day of the year. It is time to forget about the texture of creams or serums (just as in winter people tend to worry more about this factor) and look for natural ingredients and moisturizing vegetable extracts such as sugars or hyaluronic acid, as they are excellent allies to help the skin retain more water and thus not have an appearance of dryness and tightness.

Last but not least is the application of a sun protection factor every day after our skin care routine because not only the sun produces spots and actinic aging in spring or summer, but the blue light present in computers, tablets, screens or cell phones also produce photosensitivity and even if we don’t leave the house we should try to perform our full routine.

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