Solid Cosmetic Base

Solid Cosmetic Base

Safequim announces our firm commitment to solid cosmetics.

Faced with a growing demand for environmentally friendly products that do not use water as the main ingredient and that tend to use less packaging for the final product, Safequim announces our firm commitment to solid cosmetics. And what exactly does it consist of? As suppliers and manufacturers of natural ingredients, vegetable extracts and active ingredients for the cosmetics industry, we have already started to work with bases to produce solid cosmetic and hygiene products, such as moisturizers and nourishing creams, sunscreens, deodorants, serums, etc. Our goal is to prepare bases so that manufacturers of finished products can complete their own formulas with their laboratory team, incorporating new ingredients and natural fragrances depending on the claim they want to give. And this is possible, since the technique by which these bases are elaborated allows them to melt at a temperature of approximately 75º C and to be manipulated, adding the desired ingredients, and then solidify again at a temperature of 25º.  This solid format goes very well with emulsions, silicones, viscosifying agents such as xanthan gum and a long etcetera.

These products open the door to a type of consumer and manufacturer who is committed to more sustainable, environmentally friendly products, since they reduce plastic consumption by allowing other packaging alternatives. According to some experts and studies, the solids category would represent 5% of the cosmetics market in global terms, but it is constantly growing and we firmly believe that covid has exponentially increased this trend. Moreover, it is in line with the novelty of waterless cosmetics, which is also growing globally. According to a report by Euromonitor, by 2025, half of the world’s population is expected to live in water-scarce areas, hence new approaches and concepts to reduce water use in the home and in industries, including cosmetics, are beginning to emerge.

Even with a minimum weight in the sector, there are already many brands, both large and small, that are gradually incorporating this type of references to its catalog. A clear example is the commitment of the company Lush with the launching in the market of different solid formats that we attach below as an example:

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