We have been interviewed by Beauty Cluster Barcelona

Marc Fortea-Safequim

Spain is the second world’s largest exporter of perfumes, only surpassed by France

Our country has always been associated with emblematic products such as shoes, olive oil, the banana from the Canary Islands, the mango from Malaga, aloe vera from Canaria Islands too, and so on.

They are, without any doubt, part of the spanish brand that has required so much effort and dedication.

However, little has been said so far about other fundamental sectors and representatives of the country such as cosmetics and perfumery.

The data speaks for itself: “Spain is the second world’s largest exporter of perfumes, only surpassed by France”

However, this sector has not been immune to the economic impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had (and is still having in our society).

The cosmetics industry in Spain has proved to have a strong international position, specially due to the large investment and knowledge of the sector.

Historically, we have enjoyed a great reputation that is sure to continue growing due to the increasingly specific demand for vegetable extracts. However, there are many things we still need to improve, such as marketing and the ways in which we sell our products and services. Even today, countries like Italy, which we have little to envy, surpass us in sales abroad. Today, more than half of europeans buy personal care products with natural ingredients and vegetable extracts.

That’s mainly because consumers are increasingly informed and want to know what kind of ingredients are in the products they buy, not only in food, but also in cosmetics in general.

We have also had the opportunity to talk to the Beauty Cluster about the new reality we are facing due to the continued use of face masks, for example. It leads us to an increase in the use of natural ingredients with relaxing and soothing properties such as lavender, chamomile, calendula, vetiver, green tea, orange blossom, rose water, myrrh and a long etcetera.

For all this, from Safequim we would like to personally thank Ivan Borrego Valverde, General Manager of the Beauty Cluster, and all his team, for the enormous and magnificiant effort they are all making to help all the companies that comprise the value chain of the beauty sector in Spain in these hard times we are going through, and that will undoubtedly see the light at the end of the tunnel.